RGS Diamonds Ltd. Is an established diamonds manufacturing company since 1987.
The company is based in Tel Aviv Israel Diamond Bourse with manufacturing facilities in Israel and Thailand.
The company is servicing its worldwide cliental including the USA, Europe, Asia and Hong Kong markets with all shapes as well as unique manufactured shapes to meet all requests and special projects.
RGS diamonds specializes also in branding and manufacturing of unique diamond shapes, such our worldwide patent design shapes such as the  LOTUS CUT, LOVELY CUT & The CROSS CUT which are manufactured in diamonds and also in precious stones.
We are the first in the Diamond industry to introduce a concept of Spiritual Diamonds shapes, these are the companies own brands of worldwide patented design Diamond shapes all designed by Diamantaier Ruby Gersh, the founder and CEO of the company.
RGS Diamonds specializes in precision cutting of diamonds and Precious colored stones of all shapes for Watches brands including setting the stones according to any specific request.
Our precision cutting team is first in sefistication and innonation, our expirienced artisan diamond and precious stones cutters are using the finest equipment and advanced machinery in the industry.
We are able to deliver extremely accurate results in the most complex projects, as well as setting stones also in stainless steel.
We pride ourselves with knowledge experience and eccuracy, from the first stages of planning, to professionaly cutting the stones with precision eccurasy until final stages results of setting the stones to assure clients satisfaction. 
We supply to hi-end jewelry manufacturers with precision manufacturing of diamonds and Precious Coloured stones, standard shapes as well as special ordered cut stones of all sizes colours and clarities. 
Our unique service of tailored made stones & special projects includes manufacturing stones for our colleagues in the industry, diamantairs and jewelers which have their own patented brands as well as clientel that desire to design or manufacturer their own unique shapes.
RGS diamonds production includes Stars and Melles in all cieff sizes and precise calibrated measurements from +000 -0 half a point to +2 -6.5 and up to any size manufactured in very fine makes and in all qualities and assortments, also larger stones up to any size Including certified and non certified stones including Natural Fancy Colour diamonds.
We also manufacture Baguettes, Princes Cut, Assher Cut, Radiants, Carres, Emerald Cut, Trillions, Heart Shapes, Ovals, Pear Shapes, Marquise, matched pairs of trillions, Half Moons and Trapeze.
All can be ordered in calibrated measurements of any size, either in single stones, matched pairs, straight size calibrated layouts or graduating essembly, in all qualities and assortments.
We cater our worldwide cliental with almost any shape they desire, making us a tailored made diamond manufacturing company, specific to match all your company needs and standards emphasizing on competitive pricing and customer satisfaction.