Diamantaire Ruby Gersh had joined the diamond industry as a diamond cutter in 1986, He developed his skills and expertise as a diamond designer and manufacturer, he rapidly gained recognition as a skilled diamond cutter and as creative diamond designer by introducing to the industry new innovative and unique approach.
He established RGS Diamonds in 1987 and was the first in the Diamond industry to introduce the concept of Spiritual Diamonds as well as his own brand of worldwide patented design Diamond shapes which he personally designed, and manufactured.
He succeeded in differentiating himself as being the designer inventor and creator of unique worldwide patent design diamond shape brands such as the Lotus Cut, the Cross Cut, the Lovely Cut and Fancy shapes. Including the new 88 facets Round Diamond.
All designs are innovative with a variety of facets, extreme luster and a special perfect forms.
Furthermore Ruby Gersh is also a designer and inventor of new innovative and original diamond polishing manufacturing methods concept.
By offering a unique and new approach to the Diamond industry he established a worldwide global loyal customer base of jewelers, jewelery designers and diamantaires who appreciated the original shapes as well as the standard generic diamond shapes he manufactures in very fine makes.  
Ruby says that his inspirations come from his childhood years, as he studied in music and art school, living in various countries, traveling and being exposed to different cultures. 
His artistic side was further influenced by family members such as his grandfather actor and other family memebers painters, and architects. In all shaped his passion for the art design beauty and perfection. 
Ruby's commitment and ability to continuously conceptualize new cuts is supported by blending his love for the arts, fashion and with his diamond cutting expertise. This is the reason for his constant innovation and why he is considered to be a world class diamond manufacturer, designer and inventor of complex diamond shapes.