.Below is some useful general information about RGS Diamonds ltd.  Our history, profile, and our unique services and vision
.RGS Diamonds Ltd. Is a diamonds manufacturing company established since 1987
.The company is based in Tel Aviv israel with manufacturing facilities in Israel and Thailand
The company is servicing its worldwide cliental including the USA, Europe, Asia and Hong Kong with all shapes as well as unique tailored manufactured shapes to meet all requests and special projects emphasizing on competitive pricing and customer satisfaction.
RGS diamonds specializes also in branding and manufacturing of unique diamond shapes, As well as its own brand of worldwide patent design shapes such as the LOTUS CUT, LOVELY CUT & The CROSS CUT, the company is the first to introduce a concept of Spiritual diamonds as part of its unique vision, which are manufactured in Diamonds and Precious stones.
We manufacture all our diamond shapes at high quality workmanship and standards,  generic shapes such ROUNDS and FANCIES as well as our branded and unique shapes.
We are manufacturing and cutting all stones with the most advanced and updated machinery and equipment in the industry today.
We also supply globally to high-end jewelry manufacturers and watch labels companies with precision manufacturing of diamond shapes, as well as cutting diamond at shapes according to their specific precise requirements and measurements.
We offer a unique service of cutting diamonds and precious stones in all shapes for all watches brands including setting the stones according to their specific request, by that upgrading any watch to a unique priceless jewel, we can set all stones also in stainless steal watches.
RGS diamonds production includes Stars and Melles in calibrated measurements from half a point (0.005 points) up to any sizes ordered all are manufactured in very fine makes and in all qualities and assortments, also larger stones up to any size Including GIA certified stones (of which) soon, a huge inventory can be seen on line on our upcoming new website.
We also manufacture Baguettes, Princes Cut, Assher Cut, Radiants, Carres, Emerald Cut, Trillions, Heart Shapes, Ovals, Pear Shapes, Marquise, matched pairs of trillions, Half Moons and Trapeze.
All can be ordered in calibrated measurements of any size, either in single stones, matched pairs or straight size calibrated layouts,in all qualities and assortments.
We cater our worldwide cliental with almost any shape they desire, making us a tailored made diamond manufacturing company, specific to match all your company needs and standards.

SINCE 1987