RGS diamonds specializes also in branding and manufacturing of unique diamond shapes, such our own world wide patent design shapes brands as the  LOTUS CUT, LOVELY CUT & The CROSS CUT which are manufactured in Diamonds as well as Coloured Precious stones.
We manufacture all our worldwide Patented Design shapes in precise calibrated sizes and in all requested assortments. Our production is of an outstanding workmanship, all shapes are cut in consistent calibrated measurements , any quantity and quality.
All stones are manufactured from 0.05 points up to any Size Colour and Clarity. All stones have a unique luster that makes each and every diamond shape sparkle more then the generic diamond shape, the light reflection and brilliancy is evenly speared and without bowties.
Each stone is manufactured at the same exact proportions, that enables the stones to have the same distinguished look in any given carat size.
Our innovative and unique polishing methods creates a consistent look, it is convenient to have endless amounts of single stones, matched pairs or layouts or graduating assemblies in any given measurement and size.
All stones can be ordered and customized manufactured by request at any size colour and quality in Diamonds as well as Precious Coloured stones.
Our brands of worldwide patented design diamond shapes have an immediate effect of elegance, beauty, brilliancy and perfect form.