RGS Diamonds is the first in the Diamond industry to introduce a concept of Spiritual Diamonds shapes, these are the companies own brands of worldwide patented design Diamond shapes all designed by Diamantaier Ruby Gersh, the founder and CEO of the company.
These shapes includes the Lotus Cut® ,our new diamond shape with two particular designs of diamond shapes, two leaves and Three leaves. The Lotus flower symbollize spiritual englightment in cultures around the world , It is also the symbol of eternity the sun and rebith. 
The Lotus Cut diamond shape with two different verions -three leaves and a four leaves design, represents the beauty of the Lotus flower designed with passion, beauty and elegance all in a single diamond.
The Lovely Cut is considered as "Loves new shape" The Lovely Cut Heart shape diamond brand, patented design worldwide new and innovative and has unique faceting, brilliancy intensity and perfect form.
There are also the Lovely Oval, Lovely Pear Shape, Lovely Cushion and the Lovely Marquise.
The Lovely Round has a unique number of 88 facets ,also this special worldwide patent design diamond shape has innovative faceting brilliancy intensity and perfect form.
88 has a spiritual meaning in cultures around the world it is the symbol of eternity, prosperity and good fortune it  was also created as part of our spiritual diamonds concept.
This glamoures diamond shape is dedicated for couples around the world and it sparkels continously till eternity as the "Diamond of eternal Love and Friendship". 
The Cross Cut is also a spiritual diamond shape it is the symbol of Christianity, the Cross shape symbol also represents the division of the world into four elements, it is identified also as the tree of life symbol.
The Cross Cut® is our new patent design worldwide diamond shape brand and is part of our spiritual diamonds concept, This new diamond shapes was influenced by one of the most significant symbols known to mankind, all in one diamond.
This shapes is aviable in 5 different versions Step Cut, Lotus shape, Gothic shape, Brilliant and Classic. 
Manufactured in Diamonds, black diamonds or Precious Coloured stones. 
All our worldwide patented design Diamond shapes brands were created as part of our vision of spiritual diamonds concept combined with beauty fashion and the artisan of our company diamond polishing abilities.  
Our processional and expirienced cutters are using the most innovative, complex and advanced cutting machinery and polishing methods in the industry. 
Our brands of world wide patented design shapes are available in all sizes colours and clarities upon request, in Diamonds as well as precious stones.